The gastronomic offer of the new restaurant of the Reial Club Nàutico Port de Pollença, U NÀUTIC, wants to be a perfect representation of the character, tradition and love for the sea, which this institution has always represented. However, we cannot forget or leave behind the new concepts of international cuisine that imbue the current gastronomic scene and which we also want to include in this new proposal.

    Cod loin confit with “Premsal blanc” and truffle beurre blanc sauce.
    Celery, Milk, Fish, Mustard
    20,5 €
    Grilled sea bass with pickled green asparagus and Majorcan sea fennel.
    Fish, Sulfites
    26,5 €
    Grilled turbot with pineapple, coconut and lemongrass sauce.
    Fish, Sulfites, Milk
    28,5 €
    Fresh fish of the day.
    Lobster with free-range fried eggs and french fries.
    Egg, Gluten, Crustaceans
    56 €
    Fresh Majorcan spiny lobster (as a stew, with onion, grilled or steamed).
    Sulfites, Milk, Egg, Nuts, Crustaceans, Gluten, Fish, Crustaceans
    Mixed leaf salad with king prawns, mango, avocado and citrus emulsion.
    Gluten, Sulfites, Mustard, Crustaceans
    22,5 €
    Lobster salad with herbs, ginger and pistachio dressing.
    Sulfites, Gluten, Mustard, Nuts, Crustaceans
    32,5 €
    Burrata on a bed of lamb’s lettuce, confit tomatoes and homemade pesto sauce.
    Nuts, Milk, Sulfites, Mustard
    18,5 €
    Local octopus and prawn Ceviche with red onion, avocado, chilli, bell pepper and “leche de tigre”.
    Fish, Crustaceans
    16,5 €
    Beef carpaccio with rocket, parmesan cheese flakes dressed with truffle and boletus oil.
    Milk, Gluten
    15,5 €
    National anchovies from “Santoña” with “escalivada” macerated in Moscatel.
    Sulfites, Fish, Gluten
    18,5 €
    Steak Tartar
    Egg, Gluten, Sulfites, Mustard
    27,5 €
    Homemade pumpkin and ricotta ravioli dressed with basil and pine nut cream.
    Nuts, Milk, Gluten, Sulfites
    15,75 €
    Cannelloni stuffed with duck and foie dressed with truffle and boletus sauce.
    Milk, Gluten, Sulfites, Celery
    14,5 €
    “Andalusian” style squid wth citrus alioli.
    Gluten, Mollusks, Milk, Egg
    16,5 €
    Local Octopus “frito”.
    15,85 €
    Broken eggs with sea nettles.
    Fish, Egg
    17,5 €
    Broken eggs with Iberic ham and foie.
    18,5 €
    Majorcan shoulder of lamb with rosemary and “azahar” flower.
    Gluten, Sulfites, Mustard, Celery
    29 €
    Majorcan style rabbit and prawn stew with almonds.
    Crustaceans, Mustard, Egg, Celery, Gluten, Nuts, Sulfites
    23,25 €
    Duck magret braised with berries and Balsamic sauce.
    Sulfites, Celery, Gluten
    20,5 €
    Boneless suckling pig cooked at low temperature with applesauce.
    Celery, Gluten, Sulfites
    24,5 €
    Grilled beef tenderloin.
    28,5 €
    Grilled beef sirloin.
    23,75 €
    “Chateaubriand” with homemade bearnaise sauce.

    For two people

    Egg, Sulfites, Milk
    66,75 €
    2 €
    Milk, Egg
    2 €
    2 €
    Mixed Paella.
    Celery, Crustaceans, Mollusks
    17,5 €
    Fish and Seafood Paella.
    Celery, Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusks
    19,5 €
    Fish and Seafood “Ciega” Paella (without shells).
    Crustaceans, Mollusks, Celery, Fish
    19,5 €
    Fish and Seafood rice soup “Marinera” style.
    Celery, Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusks
    20,5 €
    Fish and Lobster rice soup.
    Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusks, Celery
    36 €
    Fish and Seafood Fideuá.
    Mollusks, Gluten, Celery, Fish, Crustaceans
    19,5 €
    Black Fish and Seafood Paella.
    Crustaceans, Mollusks, Celery, Fish
    19,5 €
    Passion fruit and pistachio parfait with dark chocolate sauce.
    Nuts, Milk, Egg, Sulfites, Gluten
    7,5 €
    Traditional Cheesecake with berry sauce and mint and kiwi coulis.
    Gluten, Milk, Soy, Egg, Sulfites
    6,75 €
    Coconut crème brûlée.
    6,5 €
    Chocolate and nut brownie with vanilla ice cream, raspberry emulsion and chocolate earth.
    Gluten, Nuts, Milk, Egg
    7 €
    Selection of sorbets.
    Egg, Milk, Peanuts, Soy, Nuts
    6 €
    Tropical fruit salad.
    6 €
    Homemade dessert of the day.
    10% VAT included